IQAN Toolbox for Simulink

Lets you integrate Simulink models in your IQAN projects.

Using the IQAN Toolbox for Simulink makes it easy to export Simulink models from MATLAB®/Simulink® for use with compatible IQAN master modules in IQANdesign. Integrate Simulink models with your IQAN application using IQANdesign, simulate using IQANsimulate and deploy the complete project to master modules with a single send operation.

Required tools (besides IQANdesign)

  • MATLAB®/Simulink®
  • MATLAB® Coder
  • Simulink® Coder
  • Embedded Coder®
  • Simulink® Check
  • Compiler for Tricore target
  • MinGW compiler for simulation support (optional)
  • MATLAB® Report generator (optional)
  • Simulink® Report generator (optional)

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