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IQAN software suite

The IQAN software suite is the leading solution for creating electronic controls for mobile machines.

Best in class software

We believe that superior machine functionality is the number one priority and that the way to get there shall be simple, fast and intuitive. The IQAN software has been developed over the last 20 years with a constant focus on user friendliness, simplicity and safety so that you can be number one to the market.

On all devices

IQAN tools are available for PCs, tablets and smart phones. Advanced engineering and service tools are available for PC installation. Service tools are available in different versions down to the most basic versions of smartphone apps for iOS and Android.

Secure and reliable

IQAN lets you protect your Intellectual Property with multiple encrypted access levels. With a well-defined structure for access levels you can make sure that all parts of your organization has access to service and maintain your machines for maximum up time.


Our software tools and services.


Lets you create applications for your machines.


Lets you simulate your machines on your PC.


Our service and maintenance software.


Lets you automize your machine service and maintenance.


Lets you analyze your CAN bus traffic.


Our remote diagnostic service. Lets you connect to your machines over Internet.

IQANrun for tablets

Our service and maintenance software for iPad and Android tablets.


Our service software for iPhone and Android smart phones.

IQAN Simulink Toolbox

Lets you integrate MATLAB®/Simulink® models in your IQAN projects.

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